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Lift Master Garage Door Opener

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I just had Telus Security installed and when connecting the Lift Master garage door opener to the Telus hub, the technician used a MyQ device.  In completing the setup, the technician did not install the MyQ door sensor to the garage door.  So fast forward, if I use the Telus hub panel or the Telus app to open my garage door, the door shows as open in the app - everything works fine.  However, if I use Homelink in my car, or the keypad originally installed with the Lift Master the door will open but the Telus app does not register the door as being open.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense to set MyQ up with the door sensor before integrating into the Telus hub?  Wouldn’t this solve my problem?  If so, can I pair the MyQ door sensor to the MyQ hub that is linked to Telus after the fact so that myQ app will register the door as being open regardless of which device I use to open the garage door?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Beyond basic troubleshooting, to get this set up the way you'd like it appears you'd need to call in to our SmartHome Security team to arrange for a technician visit. You can call 1-855-255-8828 and they'll be able to discuss dispatching a technician to do it for you.