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Does a security plan have a cap on how much equipment it can use?

Just Moved In

I'm moving into a home that has previously had a Telus security system. The prior resident has left their security camera (and a few other bits) behind. If I got a plan through Telus, would I be able to simply add that preexisting equipment? Or would a plan that says "1 camera" actually hard limit my panel to only allowing one camera to be connected?


I'm asking because if I HAVE to get the most expensive plan to use the equipment that's already there, then I don't actually have much of an incentive to go with Telus. But if the equipment listed under plans is simply what Telus provides and NOT what their system is actually capped at, then I'm very likely going to get the Smart Automation Plus or Secure plans and then add in this additional hardware.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! Our flexible security plans do cover a set number of equipment but you can add extra to any one of them. Check out this link for our different plans to see which one suits you best. Our SmartHome Security team can help you go over your options to see which plan makes sense and/or customize them further so feel free to reach out to them directly at 

1-855-255-8828 🙂