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Control Panel

Just Moved In
Hi, I have the basic home security package. I bought a iq4 control panel used. How do I add the panel to my system? I tried using the home security app but see no option to add it.
Second question is I want to add the garage door controller but don't have the option in the app to add it to the system.

Thanks for any help

Likely, TELUS would have to add your IQ4 Panel to your account, which may entail all sorts of obstacles, depending on what you have for equipment right now. What kind of system is your existing one, ie wired or wireless and what make/model is your present control panel? As in my case, next to nothing in my old wired system was allegedly compatible with current TELUS offerings, so I basically had to have them reinstall my alarm system, the doorbell camera and yard cameras were OK though. You also should have a peek at the Qolsys website to see what your IQ4 is compatible with, and if it's all OK, then you must have at least installer permissions to program your IQ4 control panel. User code 1111 is default installer code, 1234 is default Dealer code, and your Master code you set yourself. Sorry to tell you but if you don't have at least installer code permissions then you basically have an expensive boat anchor, I don't think even factory reset is possible without at least one of those high level codes. If the device was formerly from TELUS, they may be able to help you if you can get it to run on your local WIFI account, perhaps others on this forum have more/better information, I'm pretty new to the Qolsys system...