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Home security system

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Having been a previous customer of ADT I recently had the Telus home security system installed.  When the ADT system was installed I was told that when the alarm was primed AWAY, I could only re-enter by the front door in order to turn off the alarm panel.  Now I have the Telus system installed is the same logic applied?  In other words, if I prime the alarm system AWAY and leave by the front door, can I then only re-enter the house by the front door, or can I re-enter by the back door?  (The alarm at the panel would be turned off within the allowed timeframe.)





Usually there is a 30 second delay when opening any door, my old system had an instant alarm on my deck door, but a 60 second delay on the front and back doors. My new TELUS Qolsys had a default delay of 30 seconds on each door, but I changed it to 60 seconds. You should be able to look at your own system control panel and determine existing delays for each alarm sensor, and change them if needed to your own requirements...

Thank you. I have not yet determined how to change the delays on my new panel, but I will keep looking!

What is your system's control panel? I have now got the TELUS Qolsys IQ Panel 4 (a wireless control panel) which is apparently all they offered me after I had some water damage to my DSC wired system. In order to change settings on my system now, I have to enter the Installer code first (1111) to be able to see and change settings. Without the Installer or Dealer code, I couldn't do anything to change settings...