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Bug viewing Security Services


Would not have posted here but I didn't find a simple way to report a bug anywhere.

Consistently getting this on this page when I try to view it, even after hard refreshing.

Not actually concerned about getting a response, just wanted to report it.


  • bug

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! What are you trying to view here?

As seen in image:
"My Profile" is present in the tabs bar instead of "My Telus" indicating user is signed in.
"Security" is underlined in the tabs bar indicating the selected tab.
Header reads as "Security & Safety" further supporting the underlined tab saying "Security".
Under the header says "An error has occured" indicating there is an error.
Below the error is the site footer, indicating that the page's contents did not load at all, and confirming the error message is valid.
On the right side of the image there is the console logs, captured in the image so that it can be seen what errors are being reported from this screen that may provide clarification as to why there is a message saying "An error has occured" and no page content.
My description in the post stated that I wasn't concerned about a response and simply wanted to report a bug indicates that I have no pressing need or urgency to having this bug fixed for my personal use.

Hope that clarifies things.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It does for sure. Thanks, we'll pass this along!

I also just get an error when I try to see Safety and Security in MyTelus