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ADT backup battery replacement

Just Moved In

I have been trying to reach Telus by phone, but it seems to be impossible.


Is anyone from service/Telus monitoring these forums.    Please tell your management that they have downgraded their service to an abominable level.   I see other complaints, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it.   Happy to talk to someone there that cares, and has any influence to improve things.

But in general, I'm getting off your system as soon as I find a replacement.


Now, to the question.   Who can tell me what kind of replacement UPS/backup battery I need to purchase for an ADT home alarm system.  I've looked at the battery and it doesn't give the specific wrt amps.  I know it's a 12 volt battery and the rough size.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Do you have the manual for the specific device? It should be listed in there. It depends on which device you're talking about (assuming you're referencing the main command system, which runs on a 3.6V/4.2V 7500 mAh battery) as different ones will need different batteries. 


I just replaced the battery in my ADT system a couple of weeks ago. Bought the exact one from Magnacharge Battery for just over $20 and comes with a 1 yr warranty.   Easy to replace yourself and way cheaper than Telus.