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Kate you posted this in June

Unable to run series recording on news channels 


Episode recording is available while we work on resolving this. 


I hoped the solution to the guide options button would also resolve some but not all prgrams will not record in series. Has the update been releashed?

My interest and question is why? For series recording to work here but not there suggest something that can be explained. 

Global BC news for instance. I can series record morning, noon and 5PM Global news but not 6pm and 11pm

Please solve this riddle.

BTW, I only want the 11PM Global BC news, which I cannot get series.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Rocky3 , in a nutshell, the metadata that gets sent to us from the channel providers sometimes doesn't have episode ID associated with the original series. Without that Episode ID, the series recording doesn't know the episode is a part of the series, hence it will not record. The team is investigating how to resolve this and I'll provide an update once I have more info. 

I can't call this a solution, but the answer makes sense I suppose.

I just do not know why Shaw and Eastlink get the episode ID and Telus does not. Why Shaw and Eastlink 11pm Global news can be series recorded. Or why on S&E this problem does not exist and all listed shows may be recorded.

Each day I check and try to set series record. Today the three record icons stuck. The scheduked recordings are showing that channel 104 Eleven pm news is set to series recording. Fingers crossed will let you know if it records tonight and again daily

series of one show recorded. The 3 record icons are gone, I do not expect tonight to record.


It did not record. the series recoding is no longer in scheduled

Thank you Rocky, I shared this update with the development team! 


Today is Monday Sept 25, 2023



November 29, 2023

Last night almost missed a favorite show that was working in series recordings had the following episode as next up to record.