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Casting Telus+ tv with I phone SE chromecast with google tv

I can cast using my I pad but my I phone SE with latest OS will only allow me to cast through Apple TV and not with chromecast with google tv. Where is the phone setting I need to fix. ? Or is there another reason for this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Mwburton63 iOS doesn't support Chromecast natively. There's a little bit of a "jerry-rigging" you'll need to do but it's not too tough an endeavour. Here's a guide from Android Authority that might help. Bear in mind you can probably skip the steps to install the Chromecast if it's built into your TV: 

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Are you using a newer iPhone SE, or the 'old' one (1st generation from 2016)? If newer, what version of iOS are you running and what version of the TELUS TV+ app are you on? First troubleshooting step should be that both are up-to date.


When you say 'cast' are you trying to use Airplay or Chromecast? You should be able select either from the player in the TELUS TV+ app depending on what receiver device you want, see the screenshot below. You won't be able to Chromecast to an Apple TV, and you wouldn't be able to Airplay to a Chromecast with Google TV. 




Finally, there IS a TELUS TV+ app for Chromecast with Google TV in the Google Play Store, and there is also a listing for Apple TV in the Apple App Store. Casting is a great solution when there is no app available, but I find reliability of a native app superior to Airplay and Chromecast.

Thank you, I did notice that my TELUS+ APP required an update. When I get home again I will see if that made the difference. But if there is a telus app within chrome cast that will solve everything.
Just FYI, the icon for Apple TV always appears in the TELUS app but in this specific instance the chrome cast icon was not appearing. I understood it to be an issue with my SE (version 2) because I had full functionality with my iPad.
I do really appreciate your advice and information