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Now a new bug, to me at least. A one hour recording time shown and the show stops playing at 1/3rd of the way when fast forward button pressed. restarted several times and gave up. Things should be getting better, but against all odds they are getting worse.


BTW, I am noticing many long time posters have given up and no longer post.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Optik-Kate is this a known issue?

I am having the same problems, multiple times. I will reset my pvr and the rest of the equipment. There will be no issues for a week and then starts occuring again

try to watch the same recording online with computer like I did and there it works. I strongly suspect it is the hardware in the home causing many of these problems in hindsight.

Thanks i will give it a try but sort of defeats the purpose of watching on the tv. There were some previous posts on this issue, I am not sure if they were solved other than replacing the pvr


I know, just asking you to duplicate and confirm the problem is the home hardware and not the cloud which is what has been thought to be the problem

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Rocky3 , do you remember the channel, time recorded and title of the recorded episode? We will see if the file has been corrupted. In the meantime, can you try to watch it on a different device and let me know if it works? 


@Optik-Kate It is not possible to give the channel as the recording does not display the channel of the recorded show. It is S3E9 Spill the Tea NCIS Hawaii. We restarted and it played into the last 15 minutes, hit pause and again it crashed.

Now what is interesting is I am able to watch the entire show on my laptop, same recording. stop/pause/restart at will on laptop but with TV remote it crashes. Makes you wonder if many problems are with the home remote and tuner and your tech cannot see it.

Checked again via the Telus TV 21 and it crashes. Have not deleted in case your tech can duplicate.


Tonight same show NCIS Hawaii S3E10 did the same thing. This is the only recording that will/did play to the end when we left the remote on the table. At the beginning FF about 3 minutes all ok, touch the remote again and it crashes back the list of recordings. 

Finally we let it play end to end, at the credits I pressed for a pause and it crashed. So it is show specific. Funny thing, I went to see if the recording shows a channel and it is no longer listed in the schedule but records. Is there a limit to how many scheduled recordings are displayed?


ETA well, I guess they cancelled the series suddenly so no S3E11