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I just got a new wireless 4k box, how do I get my amazon prime on it?

Where do I get the 'code' that it asks for?


Yikes, well glad to know they sorted out the issue!

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Go to channel 424 on your optik box.


Fastest is scan the QR code with your camera at your tv.

Or go to 


Sign into your Amazon account then enter the code displayed on your tv. Click on register device, It will then sign into your Amazon Video account which will now be on your optik box.

Thanks, the problem actually turned out to be the wrong wireless box.  After being on the phone with Telus for an hour, they decided I had the wrong box.  They are sending me a new one - hope that works!!

If they sent you a non-4K box then some apps including Amazon Prime will not be available. What is the model number of the box they sent you? All 4K boxes show 4K on the front panel.

Actually, it was SUPPOSED to be a 4K box, but it's not. Hopefully the new one they send will be the right one.

Yikes, well glad to know they sorted out the issue!


Once again Telus sent out the wrong box.  This is the 3rd box that Telus has sent me that is not a 4K box.  I phone, they apologize and say they will send out the 4K right away.  My next box should arrive Monday or Tuesday - will it be the 4K or not?  I'm tired of returning all these boxes, what is up with Telus?  Their service seems to be getting worse & worse.

I'm curious, what is the model number on the front of the box they sent you?