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Wireless box constantly initializing

Good Samaritan

I had a very quick power flicker earlier this evening and since then my wireless box is not responding. Have rebooted, left unplugged, comes back on with the green dot and 1 line with the LINK light flashing, green power light on.


the main box is connected and I had to do a reboot to the modem and that box, all is good on that tv and box. 

My thinking is the wireless box got “fried” and will need to be replaced.... tried finding some help in the online sections but nothing solved it.


modem is T3200M (2 green lights; Wi-Fi connections are working)

main box is VIP5662W (working)

wireless box is VIP5602W (still initializing...)



Community Power User
Community Power User

That power flicker very well could have toasted your set top box if a power surge came through. Do you have the wireless box connected to a good power bar / surge suppressor? If it is toasted, you'll need to contact Telus directly to try arrange a replacement.

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Doesn’t look like a good power bar 😞 

Been on hold with technical support for 1hr 10min.  Wait time said about 1 hour so hoping I’m getting close to the top of the queue.

Try swapping power supplies with a working box to see if power supply is the problem.

Appreciate the suggestion, unfortunately that did not work.  
Got through to tech support, had a super friendly agent but despite what he tried, the box is toast. Replacement box will be dropped off tomorrow.