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Websites and internet loads slow despite fast download speed

Just Moved In

I just had my internet installed today, I ordered the 3GB package. Fresh modem and fresh router but when I load up a website my browser doesn't have cached it takes multiple minutes to load and often times out.


I have power cycled the network a couple times, I have tried swapping the Telus router for my router (Asus ROG AX6000) and I am getting the same behaviour. I have tried with my Macbook and my Desktop, both are wireless. I know it would be ideal to test wired to the router but the modem and router were not set up in a place where I can connect my desktop.


Has anyone experienced this? I was expecting better results with a fresh install and am very disappointed. The installer is coming tomorrow to move the router closer to my desktop to test wired but honestly even if it works I still need the wireless to work as well and he said he can't help with that.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I have experienced slow downloads at times, but at the moment, the best next step is to confirm with a wired connection, as scheduled.


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