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Two core channels unavailable to view

Just Moved In

New TELUS customer with install less than a week ago.:

We are unable to view two of our core channels (119 and 121) live. In the guide, the ‘home’ symbol appears with a diagonal line through it. When selected, we see the message “This program can only be viewed on your TELUS home internet.” Yet we can set the channel to record and view the recording immediately. Weirdest issue to date.


Community Manager
Community Manager

That is odd, indeed. @KHR and @Optik-Kate is this an error that you've heard of?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @SidneyJackie 


Channels 119 (Omni) and 121 (Chek) have restrictions set by their respective content providers that the channel live feeds are only available when connected to your home internet (the same internet connection that's on your TELUS account). These restrictions do not apply to On Demand content or recordings.


A few things to check:

1. Are you trying to watch these channels at home, while connected to the same network as your internet connection?

2. Are you connected directly to the TELUS gateway (with no ethernet switches, 3rd party routers etc. in between)?


If yes to both of the above - you may need to get in touch with technical support to reset your in-home detection settings. I'd recommend using the chat function for faster service.

The answer IS yes to both of your questions- I will try to contact support- thanks for the advice.

Friendly Neighbour

I have this same issue, but I use my own router. I assumed that was the problem. I've just ignored it. I don't really understand why it would matter what device it's connected to over what public IP address my connection is on. 

Were you on VPN?