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Telus says you can change channels and vol with voice; This is a lie.

Helpful Neighbour

My aunt is disabled. We bought a new tv so she could control it with her voice based on what Telus advertised.


"Get hands-free voice control of your Optik TV with TELUS Home Assistant Action .... Dwayne Benefield, Senior Vice-president, Connected Home, Entertainment & Enablement,"


I have literally spent 10 hours with customer support over several calls. It does NOT work.


Has ANYONE succeeded? 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @pointbob, I have the latest equipment with the Google Assistance button in the middle of the remote (the colorful button), and if I press it, it will prompt me to give commands. You can command basic actions such as changing channels, open guide, launch apps, navigate content, and some general TV navigation. 

Does your aunt have the latest TELUS TV+ Digital Box? What's the behaviour of the voice control not working? 

Hi. First off she has Alexa Echo. We installed telus home app but customer support could not get us to recognize the tv. As a result no voice commands via alexa is working.

We have a fire tv because your customer support said voice commands will work with telus assistant and alexa.

ALso my aunt has your slim remote 2 - there's nothing on it with a google or alexa button. 


ps...why can't i edit posts here?? I have to keep making new posts. 

What model of Optik box do you have? It sounds like confusion over models. You need the newest box with cloud DVR functionality, it has a “Google Assistant “ button in the middle of the remote. I’ve not heard of any other Optik box models that work with voice command.

Helpful Neighbour

Im not sure what model she has..i'll check tomorrow...but i can just order the newest box for free?

Not sure.  Best is to call, explain your needs, and ask about availability of the new box that suits her needs.