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Telus TV plus user has no rights




I recently renewed my service agreement and my TV plan was changed to a grandfathered plan. Ever since then, I have been unable to watch on the Telus TV Plus app. I was told that my grandfathered plan does not support the Telus TV Plus app and I would have to wait for an unspecified amount of time for this issue to be resolved by the Telus back office. If I change my plan to a newer plan that supports Telus TV Plus, the price of my  TV will be increased. The error code that I get is 'user has no rights'. I would love to be contacted by someone to get this issue resolved  ASAP as I rely mostly on my Telus app to watch on most of my TVs. 



I also forgot to mention that when I open the guide on the app, it shows that I am not subscribed to any channels. 

Hi @hariatwal have you been able to log into the TTV+ from anywhere since the service renewal? Mobile, tablet, or web? 

I've been able to login on both the app and the website, but just not able to watch anything on the app

Hi @hariatwal let me know if your app is working now. 

It works now, thanks!