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Technician should be fired

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Had an install today promised on numerous occasions that it would be a virtual appointment.
This was important to me as I have a reactive dog and Covid.
I was assured virtual
The ESL technician comes to the door wants to enter house my dog is freaking out barking have to open door because he hung up the phone.
Talking thru crack in door I tell him virtual appointment. He seems clueless virtual said he needs to take a look at modem. I ask why because it's a new install and it's shaws equipment.
None of this conversation is virtual.
I say he should call his supervisor and check which job he should be doing as none of this is virtual .
He said he would next thing I see is him driving off I phone Telus and was told not only did he cancel the install he cancelled the deal I signed with Telus .
Because he felt uncomfortable?
I have video footage on my doorbell camera
If anyone was uncomfortable it was me exposing myself to COVID.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You have Shaw's equipment? Unfortunately if you were getting Telus services installed and you've never had the Telus hardware installed at your house, the installer will go to the house. Telus services will not use Shaw lines or hardware. A virtual install just wouldn't be possible if you wanted working service.


If you have Covid, was that clearly communicated to the sales person you spoke with? Why would you state that you feel uncomfortable exposing yourself to Covid when you said at the beginning of your post that you already had it?


The installer likely felt that entering a residence with a Covid positive individual, and a reactive dog, was too much of a risk. As for cancelling the "deal", that's something you'd have to discuss with Telus directly in regards to why.


ESL? Is that a company or a reference to something else?

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