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TELUS TV+ Remote AV Receiver Power Control

Hi, new to TELUS TV+. So far so good. I got the remote to control my Sony TV and change the volume on my Pioneer av receiver. When I hit the power button on the remote, the TV shura off, but not the av receiver. Is there a way to fix/program this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Did you pair the TV remote with your receiver? If not, have a look at this FAQ and check out the Pairing your TELUS Remote to AV receivers and soundbars section.

Yes, that’s how I control the volume.

I had asked the same question many months ago and never got an answer or resolution.
Ironically I ended up still using my remote I had left over from Shaw just for the turning on/off of both the TV and audio receiver together as the Telus remote wouldn't do it,,, for some reason that nobody could answer.
I went through all the pairing codes available for the receiver, and like you, it could only manager volume control.
I gave up considering I don't anticipate staying with this Telus system long enough to bother.

Ya, I’ve seen a couple posts with no responses. Luckily these boxes work with IR and I can keep my Harmony/Logitech remotes. All this ‘smart’ technology today and my old 880, 650, and 665 still blowing it away. I had big hopes for this remote…


I think it has to be the HDMI-CEC settings on the receiver so when the TV and Box is off then the receiver turns off too.


Any luck. I'm having same problem on my Harmon kardon


Have you had any luck I'm having same problem on my Harmon kardon