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TELUS TV+ Remote AV Receiver Power Control

Hi, new to TELUS TV+. So far so good. I got the remote to control my Sony TV and change the volume on my Pioneer av receiver. When I hit the power button on the remote, the TV shura off, but not the av receiver. Is there a way to fix/program this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Did you pair the TV remote with your receiver? If not, have a look at this FAQ and check out the Pairing your TELUS Remote to AV receivers and soundbars section.

Yes, that’s how I control the volume.

I had asked the same question many months ago and never got an answer or resolution.
Ironically I ended up still using my remote I had left over from Shaw just for the turning on/off of both the TV and audio receiver together as the Telus remote wouldn't do it,,, for some reason that nobody could answer.
I went through all the pairing codes available for the receiver, and like you, it could only manager volume control.
I gave up considering I don't anticipate staying with this Telus system long enough to bother.

Ya, I’ve seen a couple posts with no responses. Luckily these boxes work with IR and I can keep my Harmony/Logitech remotes. All this ‘smart’ technology today and my old 880, 650, and 665 still blowing it away. I had big hopes for this remote…