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TELUS 4k box : only IR control ?!

Is there any way to control the current TELUS Optik 4k box (aka Arris VIP5662W) with anything other than IR codes ?

It’s ironic this is an IPTV box and you can’t use IP (Ethernet) control ! What about RS232 ?

I would like to integrate this using home automation system (Crestron). IR control works buts its somewhat laggy.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Apparently the box supports bluetooth. Here are some references that may help:


Remote capabilities with new 4K boxes - TELUS Neighbourhood

Bluetooth remote - TELUS Neighbourhood


There is a picture of the button in the rear panel function in this article (Bell uses the same box as Telus):


Bell 4K VIP5662W Reference Guide | Bell MTS


The Optik boxes can be controlled with Google Assistant voice commands. I have it set up but I rarely use it. The remote is much faster. I also have a Harmony Hub which i use a lot via both Google Assistant and the Harmony app. This works much better for me because I can do things like automatically turn off the stereo when I turn on the TV and visa versa.