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Series recordings disappear


I have noticed on several occasions the constant disappearance of series that are scheduled for recording, when it records the show afterward it disappears in the scheduled for the following week and then you have to keep reprogramming every show that disappears, is there a fix coming up to prevent this from happening?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Will definitely check in with our team to confirm. Flagging @Optik-Kate for line of sight!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Dannyman,


Do you have examples of shows that are impacted? There are a number of fixes planned for series recordings issues in the next few upcoming releases. There are a few different root causes that may manifest as what you're seeing, so the timing of the fix may depend on what the actual problem is. 

For example, Survivor was on series recording and it recorded Wednesdays show and the next day the Series setting was gone and off the scheduled list even though next Wednesday has a new episode again. I have to search it and set the series record for the show again to get it back on the scheduled list. This happens randomly to shows like Greys Anatomy, Next Level Chef and Chicago PD/Fire/MD


I have the same, continually re adding series shows. The two minute end of previous show as the beginning of a recorded show has clued me in that I missed another show in a series I was recording. No, I ma not keeping notes of what shows. The issue is with new season, end of season shows. AS mentioned before a series show scheduled recording ends and is deleted at the end of the current season. BUT, the recent spring break where series shows too a hiatus also were treated as end of season when the following week did not have a new show for two weeks.

This too has happened to me over the last couple of weeks.