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Series Recording Fails


I am able to set a Series to Record, however not all episodes are recorded.  The missing episodes seem to be random.  It seems that this is an issue since the inception of the Telus digital TV it going to be fixed?



Hi @jnairn . Do you have any more info; Is this a specific recording, what are you trying to record - channel, program, series, episode etc?


There are issues with some series recordings such as any news programs and the ability to record across multiple channels and adding additional recording time. The only options for editing a Series Recording is 'all programs once per day' or just 'new episodes'.

The issue exists with news channels, of which we record several per day, in series format. We are not interested in having to record individual episodes. When will this be resolved as I believe it has been an issue since Telus introduced the digital TV boxes and cloud storage.

It also exists with some weekly series, set to record series once per week.

Adding time to a recording is also a deficit with the service.

Gotcha. I can't offer any update on the fix, I'm just a frustrated user myself.


Maybe one of the Telus employees @Optik-Kate or @KHR could offer more information for you?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @jnairn 


The series recording issue is related to missing season and episode details. News programs are missing these details, so the system does not recognize them as a series. The team is working on a solution, but I cannot promise timelines. I know that it's not an optimal solution, but you can avail yourself of the 'restart' feature - where shows that aired up to 30 hours in the past can be restarted. Simply navigate to the left in the guide (into the past) and select the episode you want to watch. 


As for adding time to recordings - all live sports have an automatic 60 minutes (90 minutes for tennis) added at the end if the event runs over. We do not yet have a solution to add time to non-sports events. You can identify whether a sporting event is live by the LIVE or NEW tags.