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Quality of sports


Why is the quality of sports channels so bad. Channel 937 (NBA Tv Canada) is so bad. The bitrate or bandwidth is horrendous. Other HD sports channels are not great. 4k looks fine. Watching on an OLED you really notice it..... 


Friendly Neighbour
NBA TV also looks terrible through the NBA app. I think it’s a source issue. No doubt however the new Android box has significant quality issues all around , not just sports.

I'm still on the old equipment...4k pvr and the other 4k boxes...haven't "upgraded" to the new boxes and considering how many issues those have, hopefully won't have to until I have to.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

If it's terrible on the NBA app, you're correct that it's likely a source issue. For me, the quality is noticeably worse than the surrounding HD channels on a variety of devices.