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Pik vs Optik TV modems

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I currently have Optik TV. Can I use a Pik TV modem if I want to add an extra TV in another room?


Community Power User
Community Power User

PikTV used a set top box. A modem is something entirely separate from TV.  If you have an actual Pik TV box, and not the current Android based Optik TV+ box, they were retired due to Google no longer providing software and security updates. 


If you have the older Optik TV with the physical PVR, you'd need another older style set top box if you wanted to add a TV. You'd have to call Telus for that.


If you have the newer Android TV based Optik TV, then there are a few other options. Connecting an additional TV has a few options. You could contact Telus to inquire about an additional box. Optik TV+ also works on Apple TV, nVidia Shield, or Chromecast with Google TV. 

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If nothing else works you can hook up a computer and cast to the TV for a larger picture