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PVR fast forward problem


Lately when I was watching a recorded program and tried to fast forward, at certain point during the fast forward, it just jumped right back to the beginning. Now the recording would not go past that point.


I contacted service, all they did was reset the whole system, but would not fix the problem


Any idea what is going on.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hmm, that's definitely odd...especially since our team attempted rebooting everything to no avail. @Optik-Kate is there a known fix for this?

It is getting worse now. Even "skip forward 30 sec" would bring the recording back to the beginning and then cannot go pass that point to watch the program to the end.


I used to record hockey  and football games and fast forward at half time, and skip at commercials. I am afraid to do that now and had to watch everything.

This has been an issue with Mediaroom since its inception  Hard to believe it still isn't fixed.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

I checked my recordings and they are fast-forwarding with no issue. @A-B can you please verify this customer through DM. 


In the meantime, @easygoing , can you provide some details about the following items: 

The recordings it is happening on

Which platform is this happening on?

Please check if this is happening on the box, mobile apps, or other Smart TVs

I do the recording using the box.


Normally, say for example, when there is a hockey game on at 7 pm till 10 pm, I will record it and watch the recording at around 8 ( that is when the live game is still on). Fast forward and skipping have no problem until about 4 days ago when fast forward will jump right back to the beginning.


Last night I did an experiment, there was a PWHL game on 7 till 9. I recorded it and intentionally did not watch the recording till 9:30, that is when the live game is finish. Now I had no problem fast forward and skip.


There will be another hockey game on to-night, I will do the recording and watch the recording the normal way and see what happens. That is record at 7 and watch at 8, do fast forward and skip while the live game is still on.


I will let you know what happens.

Is this on the latest TELUS TV+ digital box? Is there a chance that the fast-forwarding led you past the live point? 

I don't think it is TELUS TV+ digital box. Mine is 4+ years old.


At some point during fast forwarding when it decided not to go any further, a screen will show up giving me a menu choice like "start over", "delete", "recordings". If I picked "start over", when the recording reached that same point, it will jump right back to that menu, I cannot watch the rest of the recording.

It sounds like two potential issues. The first one is there may have been a problem with just one recording. It may have been corrupted and didn't work. However, if you're experiencing this on multiple recordings it may be a case of HDD failure. And you may need a new PVR. Can you share the following information:

1. when did you notice this issue begin to happen?

2. Is it on all recordings or just some of them? Specific program, specific days

3. Is the playback issue on the actual PVR or the non-PVR box? 

At first about 7 days ago, I could not record anything. Not live recording or scheduled recording.


I called service, and they reset my whole system. I could do recordings but then came this fast forward problem.


This fast forwarding problem showed up in all programs I tried to record. Watching from the main box and the box in the other room  makes no difference.


By the way, did you get my correct account email address from A-B. I gave him the wrong one the first time.

I’m actually having this exact same issue.

I am still waiting for Community Manager / Telus Employee to tell me what to do.

Hi @easygoing, upon reviewing your account, we recommend requesting a field visit if you haven't already done so. There is some packet loss showing on the account that might be resolved by checking your internal connections. You can precheck everything by ensuring everything is wrenched tight. But, if that has already been tried, we expect that the HDD might be failing and it would make sense to request a replacement


@DarthFarley can you confirm the following while we look into your account: 

1. when did you notice this issue begin to happen?

2. Is it on all recordings or just some of them? Specific program, specific days

3. Is the playback issue on the actual PVR or the non-PVR box? 

Hello, Optik-Kate!
1. Last Wednesday night
2. As far as I know it’s all of the recordings, but specifically Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, both watched last Wednesday night after both had finished recording, and then 20/20 that recorded Friday night and played back Saturday afternoon.
3. On the actual PVR

Hello, Optik Kate! Any updates on this issue? Thanks!

Hi Optik-Kate, thanks for checking my account, I had tightened up all the connections I could find. Still no go.


Could you please tell me how to arrange a site revisit? Do I have to tell them what is going on or there will be a note in my account.



Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll send you a private message as well, thanks.

We are having the same issue.   No rhyme or reason to when it happens or to what shows it happens too

You definitely need a new PVR.


If you have not received a new one yet, give A-B, our community manager, a private message and he will get some one to send you one. He is extremely good at serving members in this community.


No point keep calling service, agents there will just continue to reset your system that will not fix the issue.

Friendly Neighbour
We have not received a new receiver. I am not sure how to message the person

Community Manager
Community Manager

No worries. I'll fire over a private message now to discuss options!!