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Guide icon on 21T box


There is a convenient guide icon on the Android TV app's home screen in the top right, but not on the Telus 21T box. Is there some way to enable it or get rid of the Notification bell when there aren't any notifications so there is room for it?




TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

There is a guide button on the remote that will take you directly to the guide. 

Yes I'm aware of that.


I wanted all TVs (21T or chromecast/fireTV without that physical button) to have a consistent interface so they all can be used in the same way. If you are used to using the arrows and scrolling to that location then the expectation is that it would always be there on all TVs. Seniors especially expect consistency, they don't want every TV to work slightly differently.


I have been waiting to find out why all platforms are not presented the same since all are on the internet. Too simple I suppose. 

Have to ask where the screenshot came from since it is different from my online guide. I see the word GUIDE

New Picture (3).png

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @newio @Rocky3 


Each platform (Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android mobile, browser) etc. has a difference user interface that is optimised for each individual operating system and is subject to the design standards of the individual OS owner. This is done for a number of reasons: users on a given ecosystem will be used to certain navigation patterns (swiping right to left to delete on iOS, using a mouse to scroll on a browser, swiping Apple TV remote control buttons etc.), screen size and aspect ratio (you'll notice the use of more portrait box art on mobile, due to how we hold phones, for example) and remote control button presses (getting to 'guide' on Chromecast with Google TV requires 3 remote button presses from app startup since the remote has no guide button, whereas on the TELUS TV Digital Box, a guide icon in the UI is superfluous since the action can be accomplished with 1 button press on the remote).


While we do aim for consistency, sometimes it is simply not possible due to the above constraints, and in other cases, it has been deemed less than optimal from a user experience point of view due to specific remote patterns. Your concern for seniors and the desire for consistency is noted, but the Sony, Chromecast and Apple TV remotes themselves and their functionality can be so different that one consistent UI might end up being a lot more complicated to navigate.


This is pretty much industry standard; for example, you may have noticed that the web view on is different from the Android TV app, which is different still from the iOS and Apple TV apps. 

OMG, now I know why it takes so long to do things, maybe.


My display shown is on Chrome internet, my phone app display is different. But both go to the same end result. Not sure why Live TV is more important than Guide, probably a generation thing, pictures v. words