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Optik Tv and Google Nest Wifi Pro


Hi there

I've been on Telus fibre for a while and also Telus Optik TV. The telus supplied modem and router are generally OK but we get fairly poor wifi coverage. I installed 2 Telus wifi boosters and it's helped but still don't get decent coverage.

in discussions with my IT guy we decided to swap out the Telus router for the Google Nest Wifi Pro mesh system with 3  x Google Nest Wifi Pros. We now have pretty darn good wifi coverage throughout the condo (far superior to what we got with Telus router / booster set up).

However, making that switch seems to have killed our Telus Optik TV. We get very frequent disconnects and at most can see about 15 seconds of TV before losing signal.

Does anyone else have this issue or any solutions? I really don't want to go back to crappy wifi but may have to if we can't get the Optik TV to work with the Google mesh setup.




Community Power User
Community Power User

The entire problem is that Google Nest doesn't support multi-cast data. Most third party routers don't. That is what kills Optik after 10-15 seconds. You need the Telus router back in there and then connect the Google mesh to one of the LAN ports on the Telus router. ETA: the Optik box would need to be directly connected to the Telus router again whether it's by ethernet, MoCA or wireless (if you have the wireless Optik box).

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Thanks. I'll give that a go and see what happens!


So it would appear that although the Telus router has 4 LAN ports Telus have only actually activated / enabled one. So I seem to have options of TV and crappy / poor wifi or no TV and great wifi.

Does anyone know if it is possible to activate a second LAN port on the telus router?

The fibre ONT is typically the only device that would have a single port active. All that device does is converts fibre to ethernet. It's not a router. The actual router would have been connected to it. If you have Optik TV, you'll have one of Telus's routers there somewhere.


If you have an ONT, it was usually paired with the T3200M router:





If you don't have an ONT, then the Wifi Hub or the NH20A would have been installed and they have all LAN ports active:

Wifi Hub:

wifihub (2).jpg

NH20A / FXA5000



Which device(s) do you have?

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So i have the following modem connected to the incoming fibre. 


Prevoously I had the wifi hub



attached to that. The wifi hub was then connected to a switch. From the switch we have 6 LAN cables heading into my wall. At least 3 of them go to the TV and 2 of them were connected to Telus wifi boosters. 

I switched out the Wifi hub and replaced with the Google mesh...which messed up the TV but gave me great wifi.


I'm considering a splitter from the modem. One to the telus wifi hub and then onto the TV's and the other to the Google mesh

The first picture is an ONT. Normally you would either have the ONT + a T3200M, or the Wifi Hub, but not both. The Wifi Hub has no WAN port on it so the fibre would be directly inserted into it. Did you have a Telus installer come out and remove the Wifi Hub and install the ONT in its place? If no, then you had a Telus router there before. Did your IT guy possibly remove the T3200M? Do you still have the device that was connected previously? Can you post a photo of it?


Are you perhaps confusing the Wifi Hub with one of the Telus wifi Boost units? They're not routers but wireless access points. They usually connect to a Telus T3200M, Wifi Hub, or the NH20A.



You also do not want to put a switch directly to the ONT as you are only alotted 2 IP addresses for the connection. Anything connected to the ONT has a public IP and is directly connected to the internet. If you have things connected wrong, you could expose your entire home network to the internet. 

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