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Netflix 4k download throttling?


Does telus throttle netflix download speed?


I signed up for netflix premium 4k. I have purefibre 75 for internet. on netflix the speed test shows streaming 50mbps. when watching a movie netflix shows only 15.25mbps/2160. Is this normal?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus isn't throttling any download speeds. 15.25mbps is Netflix's normal 4K streaming bandwidth. A quick google search will confirm that. Even if you have a faster internet connection, the bandwidth for their 4K video will not change.


If you want to get really technical, Netflix recently released a blog post detailing their recent changes to 4K video quality and bitrate:


As for your connection speed, if you test to other speed test sites, do you also see 50mbps as your connection speed? If yes, is the device you're testing from connected by ethernet or wireless?

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Thank you for the response. good to know that things are working correctly. With and on my wireless ipad I get a download speed of 60mbps. I suspect if i tested on my wired imac it would be higher but not 75 mbps as that is theorectical max?


The netflix article was interesting.