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[Megathread] Emergency alerts

Friendly Neighbour

Wondering why we are getting emergency alerts a few times every hour for Alberta.  We are in BC no where near the affected areas.


it defeats the purpose to have an emergency alert system when it is not accurate, people begin to ignore them.



Yesterday we received an evacuation alert for Saprae Creek Estates (Wood Buffalo, AB) and today we received a wildfire alert for Lac St Anne, AB.


Can someone please fix this?
It's important that we don't get used to irrelevant alerts to prevent "cry wolf" behaviours.


I also hope everyone is safe in Alberta!


Edit: replaced "false" with "irrelevant".

Just received another alert, that's 3 alerts - one for each of the last 3 days.

This one was for cold lake 149.


Please fix this.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I've notified the folks in charge of the emergency alerts. It's likely a data error sending through extra alerts to out-of-region customers.

Getting the Alberta Evacuation Alerts in Princeton BC yesterday and again today. Wife jumps out of her skin. We shouldn't be getting unneeded scares.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Our team is investigating to ensure it stops, apologies for the inconvenience!

And Yet we are still getting blasted in southwest BC......

Cry wolf? Indeed, now that I think on it, I received them too and paid no further attention since it was not in my backyard.

Still not fixed!


Received a Fort McMurray alert today around 5:30pm.


Your developers contacted me for my information and I relayed what was needed.  I have received no further communication other than " we forwarded the problem ".


PLEASE fix this!  The alerts are loud and causes everyone to jump to attention and yes, they do work.


I'm asking to ensure you only send alerts that impact us.

And just now another during the game!  And to add insult, covered the Canucks scoring!


For Northern Rockies and Fort Nelson.


Fix this!


Getting them aswell. Scared the grandkids thinking we have to evacuate. This is BS Telus. Get Your Act Together!

And just now for Grande Prairie.
Seems I'm on an All Northern Alberta list.


At least no one scored during this last alert.

In case it's important: I'm on Sportsnet 4K (channel 920)

Sigh, and another one. 


For Grande Prairie again.  Same channel.

And yet another one.


Grande Prairie again. Same channel.

Still. Getting. Grande. Prairie. Alerts. Tonight. About every half hour. Stop. I live in Vancouver.

I was streaming a show on Disney after the hockey game and had an alert there on Alberta. I find that odd since I thought Disney was not a local channel.

Received another one for Gregoire Estates, Fort McMurray.


Sounds like it's getting bad in Alberta and so early in the season too.  Hope it improves.

And hope someone can fix these wayward alerts!  Soon!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello all, we'll be flagging this to our team to look in to and I've merged the newest threads into this one (we aim to keep a tidy house instead of multiple threads about the same thing).


We prepare for an influx of complaints every time the WPA system is tested so while this error (wrong location) isn't exactly anything's still something we'll be investigating as this is for legit warnings, thanks. We'll advise when we hear back from the alert team!

Still getting Alberta Emergency Warnings.
Tornado this time.
Guess Telus head office in Alberta can't understand southwestern BC is actually a different Location All Together...


Still not fixed.

Just received a Tornado Warning for SouthEastern Alberta.


Cripes this is beyond rediculous.
I have received no futher updates from anyone as to the status on this.

Yep been a year now and this is still an issue.  I, as well, just got the tornado warning for south eastern Alberta and am located in the lower mainland.  


Not sure why it’s so difficult to get these alerts for the affected area only.  Was watching global on demand so not sure it has anything to do with channel selection.


EDIT: 3 times in the last half hour for the same alert in Alberta.  All while watching an on demand show.