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Live Sports

Just Moved In
Why are live sports not really “live” and is a good minute behind ?
I just got the new Telus box and I never ran into this problem when I had the older boxes ? Watching the football game and I compared it to my DAZN stream and DAZN was ahead of my “live” tv . When usually DAZN is a play behind on anyone else tv .
Watching baseball game and look at the app and I’m again way behind on my live tv . Is this normal ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Right now some feeds are approximately 30 seconds behind, but rest assured this is definitely something that our team is actively working on and we plan on having a fix very soon!

Just Moved In
All sports appear to be 40 seconds behind the older boxes, and 40 seconds behind Shaw boxes.

Incredibly frustrating. It certainly feels like we're paying for low-quality streaming, not to mention the boxes freeze completely and require a reboot once a week.