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How to get The Frame channel?

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I was just offered to switch to Telus from Shaw after being with Shaw over 20 years. I received the agreement but am about to cancel because I was not promised the comfort to get the package of TV channels that I currently have. I am blindly accepting a TV plan that I was not shown what channels I am signing for. I asked for PBS Detroit and The Frame channels specifically. If you don't have them and cannot offer them, then I am staying with Shaw. The Frame is a great channel. So disappointing that so many customers have asked you since 2016 and you still don't have it? Why? Can I get these 2 channels? Can I have my TV package transferred from Shaw to have it with Telus, or not? Thank you, Sonia-Sophia Vallie


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The Frame is a channel specifically created by Shaw and Shaw doesn't allow any other providers access to it. The only eastern PBS available on Optik currently is PBS Boston. 


You won't be able to transfer TV packages or individual channels between any providers anywhere in Canada. That's not how the industry works unfortunately. Each service provider may have slightly different channel offerings and agreements with different channels. Especially American channels. The main American ones (ABC, CBC, NBC, FOX, PBS) are all from different cities when you look at Shaw vs Telus. Telus has the Seattle channels while Shaw has the ones from Spokane instead. Same story for the eastern channels. Different cities for each.

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The PBS feed on Optik is from Spokane, not Seattle. 

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It's actually both. You'll get KSPS Spokane if you're in Alberta. If you're in BC, you get KCTS Seattle for PBS.

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If you will have a 4K box, you'll receive Stingray Naturescape which is similar in content to The Frame.


In my opinion, WGBH Boston is superior to the Detroit PBS channel. On Shaw, I endured WTVS in standard definition before finally switching to Telus and getting the Boston PBS in high definition. The Boston channel was able to afford Great Performances from the Met in HD, whereas the Detroit channel didn’t carry the series. As well, Telus offers around 10 4K channels, and even 2 classical music video channels (mezzo and Stingray Classica) which offer symphony, ballet, opera, and jazz performances 24/7 in HD. If you like to see scenery from around the world, then there’s a travel channel in 4K HDR!  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to go to Telus. My nightmare is thinking of being forced to go back to Shaw. Furthermore, Telus was cheaper for me and has remained so, ever since!