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Exit TelusTV+ Android TV app?


I can go all the way to Settings and scroll down to Exit, but that is a lot to do each time I want to exit.


I can't just turn off the TV because there is no way to stop the stream in the background from playing, which would waste a lot of bandwidth if I left it on while the TV was off.


Is there some easier way to shut down the stream and exit cleanly (on the Telus box, or on a google chromecast, firetv or other..)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Pressing and holding the Back button will take you to the live programming, but that's all that I can think of other than the method you outlined.


It is very odd that when the Telus 21T box itself controls the TV there is no way to stop the stream.  You can't turn the 21T off because the TV turns off as well.  If you use the "Inputs" button to switch to a different TV HDMI port, the stream will still run in the background on the Telus box while you're watching some other HDMI device. That seems like a waste.


How did you determine the streaming continues if not viewing? If I leave the stream, then return it continues where I left off.


Whether new or not I found that if I quick press the guide button it will take me to the guide from streaming and  regular TV buttons.