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Does the "all-new TELUS TV Digital Box" work on any wifi network?

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I was looking into the Pik TV service but it appears to have been discontinued/rolled into the regular Optik TV service.


Years ago when I first looked at Optik, it required a router from Telus in order to use it. I use my own router (plugged into the Telus ONT) and wireless access points so I didn't explore any further.


With the "all-new TELUS TV Digital Box", it seems like it will work with any wifi/network connection now? Is that correct? And it also appears that I can setup it up myself without an installer coming out?





This link for Pik TV seems to work: It works on any platform that supports the app. No special router required.

Community Power User
Community Power User

AFAIK, yes the new Telus TV Digital Box works on any network, though it may consume data on other networks. You can also use it on other devices such as ApplevTV, which I know works on other networks.


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Like others have mentioned new digital box works on any Wi-Fi  network . However if you are away from your home network some channels will not work. I believe most do but there may be a few that don’t. 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi, technically you can use the service on any wifi network, but any home network that is not TELUS internet will put you as "out of home" status. This means certain channels will not be available to you unless you are on TELUS internet connection. Hope that helps.