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Crave + US Superstations. Missing KTLA Los Angeles

I had the US Superstations theme package but I just upgraded to Crave. Rep told me I don't need the package because it's included with Crave.

However that's not the case. I'm only getting the WSBK Boston, WPIX NY, WGN Chicago and Mytv NY.

I'm missing Peachtree and KTLA Los Angeles. What gives????

I remember the good old days with Rogers Cable in Burnaby in the 80's and 90's I used get Superchannel(than Movie Central) with 5 US Superstations : TBS Atlanta, WGN Chicago, WSBK Boston, WPIX New York, KTLA Los Angeles.

I still can't believe the CRTC replaced TBS Atlanta with Peachtree. Don't get me started.

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Crave "theme pack" should include KTLA5 but I don't see Peachtree as part of it. 

I can't be sure when the change came about but the packages do change from time to time. I get it, though - you're used to a certain package only for it to go missing when you order it. For what it's worth, you can order Peachtree TV a la carte


When I first signed up with Telus in April 2022 I had Crave as my Premium selection but also mistakenly chose the US Superstations as one of my Theme Packs. I was getting WSBK Boston, WPIX New York, MyTV New York, KTLA,  WGN Chicago and Peachtree Atlanta. Once I switched the US Superstation Theme Pack I kept them all as part of the Crave package except for Peachtree. So you should still be getting KTLA but you will not Peachtree any longer. Call in and talk to a CSR to get KTLA restored. 

I called and they said KTLA Los Angeles is included but i shouldn't be getting MyTv NY so they removed it lol

The CSR said the original Superstations didn't include that station. OK that's fair HOWEVER WTBS Atlanta was in the original so why take out Peachtree. Not a good explanation but what u going to do eh.

Oh well I'm happy the other NY channel isn't that great similar programming to WPIX NY and WSBK Boston. Plus since WTBS changed to Peachtree its pretty awful.

Hey - call in again and get a different CSR. You are definitely supposed to get the MyTV NY channel ( WWOR ) as part of the Crave TV premium option package. I get it and I know 2 other Telus customers ( one has been with Telus for about 8 years and the other joined last November ) that have Crave TV as their premium option and both get that channel ( channel 275 here in Vancouver ) as part of that package. What that CSR said about Peachtree not being included was correct though - it was not originally part of the package but MyTV New York definitely was and should still be.


So Ringmaster316 - any luck getting MyTV New York reinstated on your account ????