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Charged Monthly for On Demand I never ordered


Every month, since I ordered Telus, last November, I get charges of On Demand that I never ordered. I have to call Telus every month to have the charges reversed, I have a purchase pin, no one else in the household, I had my systems replaced twice and a Telus tech in, still not resolved, now I am getting channels added, like Sports networks, don't watch sports and Fox news. Nothing is being done by Telus. I have resorted to file a complaint with Commission for Complaints for Telecom Television Services, I am hoping to cancel my contract with Telus for both home and mobile without the fees  and Global's Consumer Matters



Have you changed your pin in 5 months?  

Thank you Rocky3. I did

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Ccmryan72 I'm going to send you a private message to gather more info. 

Just replied. Thanks


I have a Telus Agent working with me now, but if you have your PVR box and a wireless box in the same room, you will have all of the problems I am having. We are hoping black electrical tape covering the PVR box will resolve that problem.

Very curious situation.

What box are you calling the "wireless box"?

What part of the PVR are you covering with the tape? If it's the IR sensor then wouldn't that block the remote control?


[edit] It just occurred to me that you might have 2 Optik boxes in the same room. If that's the case then blocking the IR port on the box not connected to the TV is required.