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Cannot watch MSNBC live stream

Friendly Neighbour

I have subscribed to the News North America Legacy pack which includes MSNBC.

However, I am in a hotel and am unable to watch it on my laptop.

I was told by support that it cannot be streamed for some reason.

This is quite ridiculous as I have paid to watch this channel and Telus has not made it available. Shaw allows their users to watch it but not Telus - why?

And what can you do to correct this situation?


Community Power User
Community Power User

That is typically a broadcaster restriction. I can only watch MSNBC channel while on my home network. Not anywhere else.

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Friendly Neighbour

Actually it sounds more like a Telus restriction. A whole lot of other TV providers allow you to stream MSNBC (even Shaw) but I guess Telus did not want to pay for the permission to enable us to stream it.