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Cannot "Manage" Optik TV or Home Phone?


For the last week I have been unable to access Optik TV via MyTeuls account? When I attempt to "Manage" my Optik TV I get an error message.


    "Looks like something went wrong. Please try again."


I have tried to access this feature from Windows (Firefox and MSEdge), Linux (Firefox) and my Android phone (Firefox). In each case I receive the same error message.


I get the same error when trying to access "Home Phone". I can, however, access the Billing, Internet, Online Security, Safety and My Profile tabs without a problem.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rick81 It can be a number of things at the account level that might be affecting online access. I would suggest connecting with the customer service channel of your choosing to find out more:

Just Moved In
Did you get this resolved ? As I have had the exact same problem ( on EVERY PLATFORM and through many peoples devises and pcs since early May( it is NOT an issue related to hardware ) . Have contacted customer service repeatedly , I have had the issue escalated but still no success .


In my case the problem persisted for months. Then suddenly the problem went away. (I just checked and it's still working!)


At around the same time I was having problems with Telus billing and I was on the line many times with 'overseas' help. I no doubt mentioned my lack of access to my Optik TV and Home Phone. My guess is they took pity on me and cleared the log jam and gave me back access to my accounts.


Sorry I can't be of more help.

Thanks for the reply ! The fact that you had the same issue is really helpful as the tech people could perhaps compare the situations and find a solution. Thanks again !