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Anyone else having major issues with new 4k Optik TV Box?

Friendly Neighbour
Our experience has been beyond awful. At this point we're thinking of moving to Shaw if they can't fix it ASAP. This new box is RIDDLED with issues from day 1, it clearly hasn't been tested properly. They just bought them and rolled them out to new customers telling them it was the latest and greatest thing.. just SOME of the issues we've encountered:

- It consistency has corrupted recordings that were fine an hour before but I walk away to say have dinner and come back and they have error msgs..

- it's deleted ALL of our saved recordings twice

- you can't record something more than once per day and you can't extend recordings for example we mainly record sports so for Rian delays, OT, etc

- it has stuttering issues that aren't fixed on restart

- you can't save recordings longer than the default 45 days

- you can't record the same show on more than 1 channel

- You have to manually go thru the guide and find what you want to record and the guide takes forever to load and just says "info unavailable" for like 20-30secs

- The search function is just broken it only shows a few options and when you try "view all" it shows completely random content (example you search boxing and randomly it'll show Thomas the train, random reality shows, Disney Channel kids stuff, etc)

And now to top it all off, it's completely broken. Started not being able to play anything in Netflix, it would open but when I'd go to play something Netflix said there was an issue with the box and to reset it. Tried that multiple times, checked internet connection in the Netflix app and on my computer and that's fine, it's just the box. After resetting trying to fix Netflix I gave up, but now it can't play ANYTHING. Not even any channels live tv or recordings we have saved.

Keep getting this error code when I try to do anything: ERR_PLAYER_P210

This is completely unacceptable, every post I see on here or Reddit or tech forums about the new Telus 4k boxes is awful. Our old non-4k box that I had from 8 years ago worked fine and never had issues with recordings, could extend them, record on multiple channels, search and record, etc.. (if you can't tell we mostly PVR stuff because we're big sports lovers but are too busy so PVR is 1 of our biggest complaints because we use that like 80% of the time we use our tv)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. This is all valuable feedback which we will definitely be passing along to our development team right away. We'll be sure to advise of any updates on these issues asap.

I literally just switched back to my old boxes what a terrible design customers are no testers for untested tech that's BS


I concur with your opinion of the new TV boxes.  I am a new subscriber and so far have had nothing but annoying problems with them.  The first 3 boxes sent to me would not give me the options on the Guide to narrow the listings to favourite channels.  The fourth box finally listed the option for favourite channels but then when I wanted to watch my recorded programs ( I had 11 of them) they had all disappeared.  “No recorded content” was the message.  I have spent at least 7 hours in the last 2 weeks on the phone with Technical Support, who has not been able to do anything about my problems other than sending me new boxes.  This sub-par system is far from user-friendly.  I have to press at least 2 buttons when I turn the TV on before it will simply go onto the channel that I was watching when I turned it off.  Restricting the recordings to 45 days is very unreasonable.  If you go away on holidays there is little time to catch up on recordings.  And you can no longer choose to filter series recordings by new only/ reruns.  I switched to Telus on the recommendation of family and friends.  If I had known that the system  they offer now is not nearly as satisfactory I would never have done it.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Termar, when you turn on the TV, you can press the back arrow button to quickly dismiss the home screen and get back to the last content you were watching. I included some other navigation documentations here as well:

Same experience here.
I think we should all be getting a significant discount for being Beta testers for this steaming pile of excrament of a system. Seems like the corporate machine was in some kinda hurry to get this out there because it definitely wasn't ready given the functionality is several steps backward.
If your new to Telus and frustrated with these shortcomings, I'd highly recommend you excersise your right to get out of the contract as per the T&C's.
I'm well past the 30 days and it'll cost me $400,

Once again I have lost my recorded programs and there is no sign of the ones I had scheduled.  Even rebooting  and also doing the “factory reset” has not restored the information. This new system is so much garbage! Please Telus do something about it ASAP.  You have a lot of unhappy customers.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@Termar @RobG3987 This might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if you might have created different profiles within the app? The recordings are separated by profiles and are not shared. 

No, they were present on my TV Monday night and when I turned on the TV Tuesday night they were all gone.

Hi @Termar @RobG3987 , after further investigation, we believe the causation of lost recordings is related to the temporary removal of cPVR on your accounts and adding it back. This is likely done as a result of trying to resolve certain errors you are experiencing when you called in. (Do you recall losing cPVR shortly/ a couple of days after calling in?)  To smooth out this experience, I've submitted a request to provide the ability to recover lost recordings in the scenario where cPVR must be removed and added back to resolve errors. While I cannot provide a timeline as to when this will be implemented, we appreciate the help you've provided on this matter. Thank you! 

Yes, I did have some account issues where things were removed and added back without my knowledge. Thank you for looking into the issue.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! If you need to speak with @Optik-Kate directly you can send her a private message, but I've removed your personal info from this post for privacy reasons. Thanks.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Kitsune , thank you for your feedback. Hoping the comments below may help:


- Lost recordings: I responded to another thread and tagged you, but I will repost here. 

It's possible there's been a backend change to your account as a method to fix other issues and resulted in unintended lost recording. If you DM us on Twitter or Facebook accounts, say you're coming from the community, and provide your account details. I can send the info to our development team for further investigation. I can't recover the recordings, but I can try to figure out why it happened. Please let me know your handles/names so we can locate your DMs

- Extend recordings: We recently added auto extend recording for sports. 90 mins for tennis and 60 mins for other sports. This is a temporary workaround while we work on enabling flexible extensions set by the user. 

- Guide loading: We have a firmware/performance update coming soon that will help address lag

- Boxing search: this is a new one, thanks for flagging, I will funnel it to our development team

- Err 210: Are you still experiencing this? I was able to isolate this error to connecting bluetooth audio device for another user, if you are using one, could you try disconnecting? 

- The other issues: These have all been flagged to our development team (especially the recording related ones), and once again, thank you for your feedback and patience while we work on improving the service.