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Amazon Prime via Optik TV


I updated my selection of theme packs via this morning and noted that I could add Amazon Prime as a theme pack. I'm guessing this is brand new as I can't find any reference to it on apart from appearing in the theme pack selection page.

When I selected it, it mentioned that I would be receiving an email with further instructions upon proceeding.


I received that email right away, entitled "Set up your Amazon Prime account now".

However, following the instructions received I wasn't able to locate the "Set up your Amazon Prime account" link on the Optik TV page.

Has anyone been successful in setting this up? Or did they jump the gun on offering it in the theme pack selection page when it's not quite ready to go yet?


The full setup instruction email I received is below:


Thanks for adding Amazon Prime to your Optik TV® package, (my name).
There's just a few steps to do before you start enjoying great Amazon Prime content.
If you are an existing Amazon Prime member, please cancel your Amazon Prime membership on the Amazon Prime website before setting up.
  1. Set up your Amazon Prime account by logging into My TELUS.
    SET UP NOW (link)
    • Don't have My TELUS account? Create one here.
    • Note: You'll need your TELUS account number, which can be found on your TELUS bill or service agreement.
  2. After logging in, select the "Set up your Amazon Prime account" link on the Optik TV page under the Amazon Prime section, and complete the steps to create an account.
  3. That's it! Your account is now activated.
Thank you for choosing TELUS.

The Prime Video app is now available on channel 424.

You can link it with your existing Prime membership, or subscribe via Telus.

I tried watching a minute of Jack Ryan and it was compressed as heck. Way worse than Netflix or standard TV.

Hopefully they get that sorted.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

As an existing Prime subscriber (not through Telus) I'd be curious if I will be able to access that through my Optik TV STB.


Keep us posted.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

So far no luck. Chat support agent indicated that he saw what the issue was on my account, and noticed that the system didn't recognize the addition of Amazon Prime to my account. He tried removing and re-adding it (I got the same "set up your Prime account email" when he did that) but I still wasn't able to.


The agent then said they would "send a ticket to the offline back-end team so they can get this fix. They will check the status of the servers and update some information, but, they'll get this fix".


So it's certainly something that seems to be supported, but they can't quite figure out why it can't be activated on my account.

I'll send an update when I hear more.


Has anyone successfully added this feature to their account? Do you access it through your set top box, or only through Prime Video directly?

I have an update.

The option to add Amazon Prime was indeed added prematurely to the billing system and I happened to stumble upon it. It's now been removed.


The good news is, according to an agent I just spoke with, the expected launch date is July 15th (subject to change).

The email that I had (prematurely) received to activate my Prime account did note that if you already subscribe to Prime, you'll need to cancel that first before linking your Telus account. I'm not sure if it will work like Netflix does or not where if you already have an account, you can sign in on your Optik box, or if you'll have to subscribe through Telus to be able to receive the content.

  • I am anxious to hear more about this, because I have received a code from Telus for a free year of Amazon Prime.  I am planning to cancel my current Amazon Prime subscription within the next two days, before signing up with the code.  I have been accessing Amazon through my Apple TV and I'm hoping I will still be able to do that.

Yes it is definitely coming but I wonder what the point is for existing prime subscribers!?!
I have payment methods linked and years of history of purchases from amazon. If I subscribe via Telus then how will this work since I have to cancel it? I would expect the price be similar to what I am paying now.

With Netflix there is nothing other than video service so makes sense for billing convenience.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I assume this means there will be an App for Prime Video so I can use the Optik STB to watch prime instead of having to go through another device. Certainly more convenient but not much else.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I recently purchased a 2020 Samsung SMART TV and Amazon Prime is one of the Apps.  You do not have to go through Telus PVR Box.

Thanks.  Yes, it works fine with the App on my Apple TV.  Even my history and watchlist was still there.

Just Moved In

I assume that Amazon Prime will be ridiculously compressed and have terrible sound quality just like Netflix? It would be nice to access all my content via one device, but until Telus fixes the compression issues that plague Netflix, I'll be accessing it via XBox.

The Prime Video app is now available on channel 424.

You can link it with your existing Prime membership, or subscribe via Telus.

I tried watching a minute of Jack Ryan and it was compressed as heck. Way worse than Netflix or standard TV.

Hopefully they get that sorted.

New Smart Tv have Amazon Prime and Netflix apps.  Go directly to them on your TV, not 3rd party Telus.  4K HDR will look much better.  My YouTube on the Telus channel kept freezing, but the YouTube app on the TV works like a charm and much better picture to boot.

Just showed up in my channel listings today

It's a third party either way - either the smart tv app or the Telus (Mediaroom) app.

The Telus app does not that it's in beta. Hopefully the image quality will improve soon enough.

Much better to stay in the same environment for all content rather than switch remotes, audio settings, etc.

But I do get your point.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@loosemeat Wanted to add some clarification. Yes you can use your existing Prime membership credential to login on your 4K digital box to view the Prime Video content on channel 424. However, you cannot link it in the sense of linking it to your TELUS account/bill. In the scenario where a customer do not have existing Amazon Prime account, they can subscribe to Amazon Prime membership through TELUS.

We have flagged your comment regarding the compressed quality, and I'll follow up with you once I get an update 🙂 

Is this possible to login using existing account even if you do not have a Smart tv?

Yes.. Log in is very straight forward. Channel 424 on a 4K box. No Smart TV required.

Thanks.   Logged in successfully from my phone and added registered my tv as a device.

Thanks, look forward to having the video quality improve!

Lots of people commenting on poor video quality. Don't worry, if Netflix is any indication, they won't improve it. You are better off using another device to access Netflix and Prime. You won't be sorry.