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A very frustrated customer


I have been a Telus subscriber since April. I am using the new Optik TV box and identified the following issues in July that are still not resolved:


One issue I have is watching a live sports event and not being able to rewind in a conventional way to see how a goal was scored or a particular play developed. The circular arrows do rewind and fast forward, but do so in a "skipping" manner; i.e. the picture freezes while the rewinding or fast forwarding takes place in 30-second increments so I am simply guessing where to stop fast forwarding or rewinding. I do get the message "program cannot fast forward past live point" when I try to fast forward during live TV, which makes sense since there is nothing to fast forward to past live point.


The same thing happens in my recordings, which is also very frustrating. This was never an issue in my previous experience with Shaw and seems like a real step backwards since we have always had this functionality going back to the days of video recording. Past remote controls have had fast forward and rewind specific buttons and the experience has been the same as rewinding or fast forwarding a video tape. This is an issue with all recordings and is functionality that should be standard and available from day one. I was a Shaw customer for 30 years before moving to Telus and this was never an issue from the beginning of the PVR days.


As others have noted, I am not able to make series recordings. This is beyond ridiculous.


I am past being frustrated by being an unpaid beta tester with no resolutions but suggested work arounds. I am not asking for the moon, simply basic functionality that is provided by Shaw and has been for many years.


I am paying for features that I am not receiving. I am already 25% into my two year contract and expect that an adjustment should be made to my monthly bill until the identified issues are resolved, not simply "worked around".


I am done getting on chats with technicians that have received zero training on the new boxes. DO BETTER!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Rest assured our team is working on resolving all known issues as quickly as they can. In the meantime, I recommend checking out our catch-all thread here for all currently worked on issues, workarounds, etc.

A-B Why not create a catch all thread of the solutions in detail.

My favorite was how to log out and back in again to activate an update. 

Moved to a restricted you do not have access?

Friendly Neighbour
This interface is absolute garbage and should never have been launched in its current state. Honestly, Telus should be absolutely embarrassed.