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Recording 1 hr padding for live sports - gone?


Hi @Optik-Kate  It appears that the post padding for sports on live streaming sport events running for the first time which increased recording length by 60 minutes no longer works?


My recordings this weekend on the Golf Channel for the LPGA golf tournament only recorded the guide listed time...


I haven't checked any other 'live' sports / recordings for this, maybe others have and could list their experience here?


"One step forward - two steps back" That could be a new advertising slogan 🤣



An update... Well maybe it does still work? My recordings today of College Golf on the Golf Channel added the additional hour... 🤔


Maybe the LPGA this weekend wasn't live, although it broadcast the same day. Of course without a 'guide' to show you that who knows!


Come on Telus it's been OVER 6 MONTHS and you still don't have a guide that shows the program is - New or Repeat!


Yes I know the guide comes from a 3rd party, but that's no excuse! If it doesn't work, which it doesn't, why the hell did it get released!


I'm (and maybe thousands of others are) paying full price for a TV subscription that just doesn't match up to any competitor out there... Something has gotta change fast.



TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @MrSL , as always, thank you for flagging.

I checked with the development team and looks like we got similar reports that LPGA didn't record. We are investigating where the breakdown happened. Thanks!


Hi @Optik-Kate TGIF... another failure to add to the list.


CH925: Golf Channel 14:30 LPGA BMW Ladies Championship, round 1 Thurs 19th Oct. It didn't add the additional hour padding...


It's scheduled at the following 'upcoming' times:

Fri 20th: CH925: Golf Channel 14:30 LPGA BMW Ladies Championship, Round 2

Sat 21st: CH925: Golf Channel 14:30 LPGA BMW Ladies Championship, Round 3

Sun 22nd: CH925: Golf Channel 14:30 LPGA BMW Ladies Championship, Final Round


I don't have a crystal ball, but it probably won't add the 'Hour Padding' to those either 🤔


I miss the old days (and provider) when you could just set a 'Series Recording' once for the LPGA and it would record everything upcoming, on any channel, with whatever additional recording time you had added. Job done!


But now.... with TelusTV-21T I have to:


1. Search on the LPGA Golf App to see when the next event is being broadcast and on what channel.

2. Browse through 4 days of the TV guide and press record on those 4 events.

3. Browse through 4 days of the TV guide and press record on those 4 events immediately following the recording to effectively add additional time to the recording and if that program is only an hour long, recording the following program too.


I also have to be careful that I am recording the live viewing and not a repeat airing on the same day. Although without a TV Guide that shows this is live or repeat, rely on the LPGA App.

Further exacerbated by the 'Option' to choose the next day from the list always jumps to 7p.m. on that day. A forward 24hour button would be nice.


That's a shed load of additional work!