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4K PVR box troubles


I have three boxes.  One of the boxes that is on wifi overheats frequently - usually with either 4K content or when using Netflix on channel 422.  The box is in a wide open space with lots of circulation.  Another box is directly connected to the router using ethernet.  I want to move that TV to another corner of the room but I can not get the box to connect using wifi.  Does one of the boxes have to be connected with ethernet?  I can unplug that box and the other boxes still come on.  The boxes are about 3 years old.



These boxes are passively cooled so overheating can be a problem for some. I've never had the problem myself on any of my three 4K boxes however. My only 4K TV is in my home theatre which is normally below 18 C so that might have something to do with it.


Some ideas for keeping the box cooler:

- elevate the box on a wire rack or 4 small blocks to increase the air flow on all sides

- some people turn the box on the side so that both the top and bottom get better air flow

- attach a cheap USB fan to increase air circulation


All Optik boxes can connect to the network independently. Of course you need the PVR online to use recording functions.


All my boxes are connected by Ethernet so I don't have any advice for what your issue might be other than to point you to this:


Thanks.  I do have the box sitting on four 1 cm blocks to keep air around it but it still reboots when it has been in use for a short time.  The other box must be the PVR box.  From what I can determine, it needs to be connected via ethernet.

Is the box that reboots noticably warmer to the touch than the other boxes? It may not be an overheating problem, it could be a hardware issue.

The others get warm.  This one gets hot - a drop of water will sizzle on it.


That's not normal. I would contact Telus and get it replaced.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you can boil water, or fry eggs, it is likely running a bit too hot. Might be worth requesting a replacement, so a tech can check it out.


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