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telus non existant customer service and constant bogus charges


having multiple issues with calls and texts not coming/sending so got a new phone and a new sim as telus says it is not on their end. turned phone on and made sure to disable mobile data and connect to wifi. insert the new sim and INSTANTLY get a text saying i have just incurred a 20 dollar charge for data usage !!! WTH? data was off and i didnt even  have time to make a call let alone consume that amount of data. tried using chat to complain and got nowhere. it is completely useless. then when i went to manage my account it said 2fa was turned off went to turn it back on and it had (000) 000-0000 as the main number associated with my account. Think i can get an answer  as to what that is all about either? NOPE


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @juanitaange 

This doesn't seem right!


If you didn't manage to get help, feel free to send contact us on Facebook or Twitter so we can look into it:




i tried on facebook and no reply .

Its been awhile. i finally thought i had resolved the matter at least partially . Folloqwing multiple attempts ,one where the support operson "hung up " on me after repeatedly arguing that there is no such plan that offers unlimited picture and video messaging ummm really lolz. This was stated that thats where my data charges were being incurred( i combed over past bills and every month or two i was being charged 15 to 20 for data ....WITH A DATA BLOCK ON MY PHONE!!!) the next person i got said it was because my pictures were bigger than the unlimited feature  allowed for. i said so what pics are unlimited then if a pic i snap in the text with my phone is too big lolz.they then told me its because i havent changed my plan in 20 years or so!!!

They only credited me with 2 months of the bogus charges claiming thats as far back as their records will show them. again really, cause i have a years worth on my screen right now. assured me there will be no more mysterious data charges, that i don't even have to disable data on my phone .


guess what ,MORE data charges.


i will be leaving telus after having this number for more than 25 years!