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Just Moved In
I want to ask, I made a call to Ukraine without knowing the tariffs, I spoke for 60 minutes and I received a bill for 1157 dollars, is it possible to cancel the payment?


Posted tariffs for Telus long distance calls to Ukraine range from 20 cents per minute for calls made from a land line toI $2.75 per minute for calls made from a cell phone. Actual rates may be lower if you subscribe to a long distance package.


You have been charged close to $20 per minute which is far above the posted rates.


In may be that you called a Premium Rate telephone number. A Wikipedia explanation is here: -> Premium Rate Telephone Number    For Ukraine this would be any number starting with 0703 or 0900.


You do not say why you called that particular number in Ukraine but if you were induced to do so you may be able to have the charges cancelled or reduced by calling Telus and claiming that the charges were incurred fraudulently.