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iPhone 15 promax

Just Moved In
My bring it back ends Sept 21. The new iPhone will be released right around that time or after it. Is it possible to extend my bring it back until the new iPhone arrives? Can I reserve one early so I can just bring back my current iPhone and start a new bring it back on the 15 promax?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JMarc If that's the timeline you're working with, it might be workable. While Bring it back (BiB) can't be extended, here's a few things to consider:
- You'll be sent a reminder 90 days before the end of your term via SMS

- You'll get another return reminder 15 days prior to contract expiry and 15 days after

- Unless an early upgrade is available to you, you'll have until 30 days after the contract end date to complete  your BiB return (or the BiB balance will be charged). 


With the last point, I wouldn't leave it until the last possible minute as you'll have to account for shipping time and inspection, but you may have a little bit more time than you think. I hope this helps.