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" You wont be charged anything this month"

Just Moved In

good afternoon. Just had a quick question. I reviewed my app today and it says under my payment amount " you wont be charged anything this month" and all my payments from january ( i pay weekly to the app) are still there . Shows balance forward from last bill is basically a full bill payment . Like the credited me or something or didnt take the money for this bill. Does anyone know why this is ?? Also if it has happened to anyone else, does the payments just move to the next month ?? i dont mind the payments as its become habit for me but if its a free month of payments, i could certainly stand to put the money other places.  


Thanks for any help or advice. 

Hope everyone has a great Super Bowl Sunday. 


Hello @BrainP28

It just means you have nothing to owe since already paid your bill. They have a weird way of saying it.

I see it all the time when I put $100 more into the account so that way I’m $100 less on the next bill.

Thank you for the quick reply !