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inoperative web site for a communications company?


Why is it every time I try to look at my account details, I find the web site is slow to the point of my giving up waiting.  Today is no exception.  I find my bill this month was some $10 more than usual so I wanted to see my bill.  Unfortunately, the site just stalls while loading.  It's also gives a message that they can't display my current usage at present and I should try again later.


Seriously, for a conglomerate in the communications industry, they can't even get there own operations working properly.  I have a home phone, internet and television services for many years and now, (since Telus bought the alarm company I dealt with for 20 years) my alarm service as well.  Frankly, I don't expect any issues to be resolved, but at least, I feel better having vented.  Perhaps it's time for a change.....


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You can always try using a different browser or checking out your account details, billing, etc. in the My TELUS app as well.