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Easy roam charges with Peace of Mind Access - Tablet Plan

Just Moved In

I have a Peace of Mind plan for my phone to use in Canada and the US, and an access plan to share the data with my tablet, but when I go to the US my tablet still incurs Easy Roam charges. I don't see anything in the terms of the plans to indicate the "Peace of Mind" aspect of the mobile data plan isn't shared with the tablet. Am I stuck with Easy Roam charges? Or can I point customer service somewhere to make the necessary changes. 



You might be able to call in and get a one time exception but generally the Easy Roam charges are for each device so the only way to avoid it would be if was a CAN-US plan with the CAN-US tablet add on or for a single Easy Roam charge turning off cellular on the tablet and using the hotspot on the phone in order to connect the tablet.