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canceling port-in

Just Moved In

Hi. there. I am not good at English. ^^ Sorry.


I joined Telus mobile two weeks ago.(before 'Phone-box')


But now I have not used Telus until now. 


At first, I asked for Telus 'port-in' without asking for 'port-out' from 'Phone-box'.


But, it doesn't work. Telus customer service center sent a message to me like below.


Telus told me "Your account is 'port-protection' status. If you want to apply for 'port-in' to Telus, you should remove 'port-protection' in 'Phone-box".


So I called to 'Phone-box' and asked to remove my 'port protection.


However, 'Phone-box' customer service guy told me, "we can't remove 'port protection. If you remove 'port-protection', you have to cancel applying for port-in to Telus.


Guys, Which one is right?







Community Power User
Community Power User

You may indeed need to start over, removing your Telus port in, then applying to remove Port Protection, then reapplying your Telus Port request. The whole Idea of Port protection is to prevent unwanted port out of your number. Now that it has been triggered, you have to start over.


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