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Viewing bills on a closed account

Just Moved In

Hey everyone,


I got switched over from Koodo mobility to Telus mobility 4 months ago (I had been with Telus for internet for 1 year, took a 6 month break and then reconnected for another 1 1/2 years) and had been with Koodo mobility for over 2 years prior to being with Telus mobility. Before this I was with virgin mobile and I also spent some time with public mobile. I think I had a Telus mobility account way back in 2014.

Long story short I thought I had set up auto-payments and I did not. Got an email saying my account was overdue and the amount would be sent to collections if I didn't pay it. So I obviously paid it right away and went on my merry way. WELL collections contacted me today saying that Telus sent them the bill.. I of course showed them that I had paid it and showed them my payment and they said that this money owed was on a closed account... I'm SO confused!! I can't currently call Telus at the moment as my phone is broken and I'm waiting on a new one (supposed to arrive Friday), so I was wondering if there is any way I can view the old account that I had to see if any of this lines up?? Why would they wait THAT long to tell me I owed them money!?


Feeling really discouraged right now 😞 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Customers can still access and view the past 18 months of their past invoices via My TELUS portal on a Cancelled account except in the following situations: Migrations to TELUS Prepaid, Port to Koodo, transfer to another TELUS account) in order to view their e.Bill or make payments to their account. However, other self-serve functions will be disabled.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is there a possibility you were paying on your 2014 account number?


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