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Questions About Unwanted Account Adjustment Charges and Account Balance Discrepency



I recently signed up with Telus for Nationwide Talk & Text 20. I've been a customer for just over a month now. I've noticed since I started using this plan there have a total of six one cent charges to my account. All which say "account adjustment" and that they are data usage. How can I prevent these charges from happening? I have data disabled on my phone but the charges have appeared anyway.

The other thing is that I have been topping up my account online and current account balance appears incorrect. It is $2.59 lower than what it appears in my transaction history. I've done nothing which should have caused any further charges and the transaction history as far as I understand is usually updated within fifteen minutes of a transaction. It was last topped up something like a week ago.

Could somebody please help me with these matters?




Don't worry about the account balance discrepency. The correct amount is now showing, strangely enough. Even though there have been no charges anywhere around the amount that the discrepency was. It now appears correct as of about the time I sent my first message.


I still need help with dealing with the account adjustment charges though. Thanks!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Just because you have data disabled on your phone doesn't mean it honours the setting, unfortunately. Without seeing the details fo your bill, it is very difficult to offer much in the way of suggestions.



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All the account adjustment charges are on separate days, at different times of the day. One was on March 20 and the rest were between March 25 through April 1. They are all charges for one kilobyte. It also appears that for each one kilobyte data usage record, there are four zero kilobyte records following on the same days with the records spread out over a few hours.


If the phone won't respect the setting, is it possible to just block data usage outright with Telus?

Also, under details for the account adjustment charges it says "PDA".


Thanks for your response!