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Using Prepaid MC

Just Moved In

I think I already know the answer to this unfortunately, but ill ask anyways. Can I use a prepaid MasterCard to make a payment on my mobility bill??



@justinmacy13  Had  a fair amount  in rewards  Put  $50 on telus account you can only do once a year. Fair amount left so ask for a $100 prepaid MC------ Took 4 months to get it now missed out on item in telus store. Only  good in telus stores. One year later finally get to a town with a proper store used up $90 for minor stuff i could use Ipad  power cords etc. Next month rewards will be over $50 will put on account. Telus has reduced rewards available in the past year. Never let it go over $50 to far. They get you in then cut back.  I would say NO